Who are Julia Bradbury Parents? Meet Michael Bradbury and Chrissi Bradbury


Who are Julia Bradbury’s Parents? Check this article to know who are Julia Bradbury’s Parents along with Julia Bradbury biography. Julia Bradbury is a Television presenter.

Who are Julia Bradbury’s Parents?

So who are Julia Bradbury’s Parents? According to our research, Julia Bradbury’s Parents are Michael Bradbury and Chrissi Bradbury. Julia Bradbury is a Television presenter born on 24 July 1970.

Real Name Julia Michele Bradbury
Nick Name Julia Bradbury
Date of birth 24 July 1970
Age 53 years old
Height 175 cm
Weight 59 kg (130 lbs)
Birth Place Dublin, Ireland
Gender Female
Profession Television presenter
Nationality British
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Zodiac Sign Leo
Parent Chrissi Bradbury, Michael Bradbury
Spouse Gerard Cunningham (m. 2000)
Instagram Link

Who is Julia Bradbury?

Julia Bradbury is a well-known and highly respected British television presenter and adventurer, celebrated for her contributions to the fields of travel, outdoors, and environment-related programming. Born on July 24, 1970, in Dublin, Ireland, she grew up to become one of the most recognizable faces on British television.

Bradbury’s career has been marked by her passion for the great outdoors and her ability to share this enthusiasm with audiences. She first gained prominence as a co-presenter on the BBC’s popular show “Countryfile,” where she explored the natural beauty and rural landscapes of the United Kingdom. Her warm and engaging style made her a beloved figure among viewers, and she soon became synonymous with the program.

In addition to “Countryfile,” Julia Bradbury has hosted numerous other television series that focus on travel and exploration. One of her most notable achievements includes walking the UK’s most iconic long-distance trails for the ITV series “Britain’s Best Walks.” Her extensive knowledge of the British countryside and her genuine love for hiking and nature shine through in this series, inspiring many to take up walking as a pastime.

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Bradbury’s work extends beyond her television career. She has been an advocate for environmental conservation and sustainable living, using her platform to raise awareness about pressing ecological issues. Her commitment to promoting the beauty of the natural world and encouraging responsible outdoor exploration has garnered her immense respect among environmentalists and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Julia Bradbury is a multifaceted television presenter and adventurer whose love for the outdoors, coupled with her engaging on-screen presence, has made her a beloved figure in the world of British television. Her work not only entertains but also educates and inspires viewers to appreciate and protect the natural wonders of the world.

Julia Bradbury Age

Julia Bradbury was born on July 24, 1970, in Dublin, Ireland. She is 53 years old. Her birthplace, Dublin, is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance.

Over the years, Julia Bradbury has become a prominent figure in British television, known for her passion for the outdoors and her engaging hosting style. Her age and birthdate are significant aspects of her biography, providing context to her long and successful career in broadcasting.

Bradbury’s love for nature and exploration has not only made her a beloved TV presenter but also an advocate for environmental conservation. Her work continues to inspire audiences to connect with the natural world and appreciate the beauty of the British countryside. As she continues to age gracefully, Julia Bradbury’s contributions to the fields of travel, adventure, and environmental awareness remain impactful and enduring.

Julia Bradbury Height and Weight

Julia Bradbury, the renowned British television presenter and outdoor enthusiast, stands at a height of approximately 175 centimeters (5 feet 9 inches) and maintains a weight of around 59 kilograms (130 pounds). These physical attributes reflect her dedication to a healthy and active lifestyle, which is integral to her career.

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Standing at 175 cm, Bradbury possesses a tall and slender figure, which not only contributes to her graceful on-screen presence but also complements her role as an advocate for outdoor exploration. Her height allows her to navigate various terrains and engage in outdoor activities with ease, a valuable asset when hosting television programs that often involve hiking, trekking, and exploring rugged landscapes.

Her weight of 59 kg is indicative of a healthy body mass for her height, ensuring her physical fitness and stamina for the demanding aspects of her profession. This combination of height and weight enables her to undertake challenging adventures while maintaining her energy and enthusiasm, all of which are essential to her success as a prominent television presenter in the travel and outdoors genre.

Julia Bradbury’s height and weight are not only a reflection of her commitment to a fit and active lifestyle but also a testament to her ability to immerse herself in the natural world, inspiring viewers to embrace the joys of outdoor exploration.

Physical Attributes Measurements
Height 175 cm
Weight 59 kg (130 lbs)

Julia Bradbury Nationality

Julia Bradbury’s nationality is British. Born on July 24, 1970, in Dublin, Ireland, she moved to the United Kingdom at a young age and has since become a prominent figure in British television and media.

As a British national, Julia Bradbury has had the privilege of exploring and showcasing the diverse landscapes and natural beauty of the United Kingdom through her career as a television presenter. Her deep appreciation for the British countryside, culture, and heritage is evident in her work, particularly in programs like “Countryfile” and “Britain’s Best Walks,” where she passionately explores and shares the wonders of the British Isles with her viewers.

Her British nationality has not only shaped her professional identity but also her commitment to environmental conservation and outdoor advocacy within the UK. Bradbury’s love for her homeland and her dedication to promoting its natural treasures have made her a beloved and respected figure among the British audience.

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Julia Bradbury Career


Julia Bradbury is an English television presenter, journalist, and author, best known for her work on outdoor and travel programs. She has presented a number of popular shows, including Countryfile, Watchdog Test House, and Britain’s Best Walks.

Bradbury was born in Sheffield, England in 1966. She began her career as a journalist, working for newspapers such as The Daily Express and The Independent. In 1999, she moved into television, presenting the BBC show Countryfile. She remained on the show for 13 years, becoming one of its most popular presenters.

In addition to Countryfile, Bradbury has presented a number of other outdoor and travel programs, including Watchdog Test House, Britain’s Best Walks, Wainwright’s Coast to Coast, and Julia Bradbury’s Walks of Britain. She has also written a number of books about walking and the outdoors.

Bradbury is a passionate advocate for the British countryside and the importance of getting outdoors. She is also a keen walker and cyclist. In 2017, she was awarded the MBE for her services to broadcasting and the promotion of outdoor activities.

Here is a more detailed look at some of Bradbury’s notable roles:

  • Countryfile (1999-2013): Countryfile is a BBC television program that explores the British countryside and rural life. Bradbury presented the show for 13 years, becoming one of its most popular presenters.
  • Britain’s Best Walks (2011-present): Britain’s Best Walks is a Channel 5 television program that showcases the best walks in Britain. Bradbury has presented the show since 2011, and it has become one of the most popular outdoor shows on television.

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