Who are Marco Verratti Parents? Meet Fabrizio Verratti and Lidia Cremonese


Who are Marco Verratti’s Parents? Check this article to know who are Marco Verratti’s Parents along with Marco Verratti biography. Marco Verratti is a Italian professional footballer.
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Who are Marco Verratti’s Parents?

So who are Marco Verratti’s Parents? According to our research, Marco Verratti’s Parents are Fabrizio Verratti and Lidia Cremonese. Marco Verratti is an Italian professional footballer born on November 5, 1992.

Real Name

Marco Verratti

Nick Name


Date of birth

November 5, 1992


30 years old


5 feet 4 inches (165 cm)


60 kg (132 lbs)

Birth Place

Pescara, Italy




High School Graduate


Italian professional footballer





Eye Colour


Hair Colour


Zodiac Sign


Sexual Orientation



Jessica Aidi (m. 2021)


Laura Zazzara (m. 2015–2019)

Kids/Children Name

Tommaso Verratti


Fabrizio Verratti and Lidia Cremonese






Who is Marco Verratti?

Marco Verratti is a prominent Italian professional footballer who has garnered widespread recognition and acclaim for his exceptional skills and contributions to the world of football. Born on November 5, 1992, in Pescara, Italy, Verratti has emerged as one of the most talented and influential midfielders of his generation.

Verratti’s football journey began at a young age, and he quickly rose through the ranks of his local club, Pescara, before making his professional debut in 2008. His remarkable vision, precise passing, and remarkable ball control caught the attention of scouts and football enthusiasts alike.

Verratti secured a significant move to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), where he continued to flourish as a midfield maestro. His ability to dictate the tempo of the game, distribute the ball with pinpoint accuracy, and maintain composure under pressure made him a linchpin in PSG’s midfield. He has played a crucial role in PSG’s domestic and international successes, including multiple Ligue 1 titles and appearances in the UEFA Champions League.

Marco Verratti’s international career with the Italian national team has been equally impressive. He has represented Italy in major tournaments like the UEFA European Championship and the FIFA World Cup, consistently demonstrating his prowess as a midfield dynamo. His contributions to Italy’s midfield have been instrumental in their successes on the international stage.


Marco Verratti Age

Marco Verratti, born on November 5, 1992, in the charming town of Pescara, Italy, stands at the exciting threshold of his 30th year in 2023. As he reaches this significant milestone, his journey is a testament to passion, perseverance, and unwavering commitment.

Growing up in the picturesque landscape of Pescara, Verratti’s roots run deep in the heart of Italian football culture. His birthplace, surrounded by the beauty of the Adriatic Sea, has imbued him with a unique spirit and resilience that mirrors the coastal tides.

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Turning 30 is a remarkable chapter in Verratti’s life and career. It’s a point where experience and youthful vigor harmonize to elevate his performance on the pitch. With each passing year, he evolves as a player, leader, and ambassador of the sport.

As he marks his 30th birthday, there is a palpable sense of optimism. Verratti’s journey, from the streets of Pescara to the international stage, inspires countless young talents dreaming of a similar path. With his skills, vision, and dedication, he continues to enrich the beautiful game and shape its future.

Marco Verratti  Height and Weight

Marco Verratti, the accomplished Italian footballer, possesses distinctive physical attributes. Standing at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (165 centimeters), he is notably shorter compared to many of his contemporaries in the world of professional football. However, his stature does not diminish the impact he has on the pitch.

Weighing approximately 60 kilograms (132 pounds), Verratti maintains a balanced and agile physique. His weight-to-height ratio is indicative of an athlete who combines agility and strength effectively in his gameplay.

Verratti’s height, though below the average for footballers, is offset by his remarkable ball control, agility, and low center of gravity. These attributes allow him to navigate the field with precision, slipping past defenders and orchestrating plays with finesse. His weight, within the optimal range for his height, ensures that he maintains the agility required to excel as a midfield dynamo.

In summary, while Marco Verratti’s height may not be towering, his skill set and physical attributes make him a formidable presence on the football pitch. His low center of gravity and control over the ball are key elements that have contributed to his success as a midfielder in top-level football.

Physical Attributes



5 feet 4 inches (165 cm)


60 kg (132 lbs)

Marco Verratti Nationality

Marco Verratti is proudly Italian by nationality. Born on November 5, 1992, in the town of Pescara, Italy, his nationality is an integral part of his identity and has played a crucial role in shaping his football career.As an Italian national, Verratti has had the privilege of representing his country on the international stage, wearing the iconic Azzurri jersey with pride.

His performances for the Italian national team have earned him recognition and admiration from fans and football enthusiasts across Italy and around the world.Italy has a rich and storied history in football, and Verratti’s nationality connects him to a legacy of excellence and a deep footballing tradition. He is part of a long line of Italian footballers who have left an indelible mark on the sport, and he continues to contribute to Italy’s proud footballing heritage.

Marco Verratti’s nationality is Italian, and it is a source of immense pride for him and his fans. It signifies his affiliation with a nation passionate about football and his role as a representative of Italian excellence in the sport.

Marco Verratti Career

Marco Verratti’s Profile:

  • Marco Verratti is an Italian defensive midfielder who currently plays for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in France’s Ligue 1.

    • Explanation: This introduces Verratti’s position and his current club, emphasizing his role as a defensive midfielder.
  • He has achieved remarkable success at PSG, winning a total of 29 trophies.

    • Explanation: This highlights his impressive trophy count at PSG, showcasing his contribution to the team’s achievements.
  • Verratti’s PSG trophy haul includes eight Ligue 1 titles, six Coupes de France, six Coupes de la Ligue, and nine Trophées des Champions.

    • Explanation: Details the specific trophies he has won, underscoring his remarkable achievements.
  • He holds the distinction of being the most decorated player in French football history.

    • Explanation: Emphasizes Verratti’s unique status as the most successful player in the history of French football, further highlighting his achievements.
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Career Progression:

  • Verratti made his debut in professional football during the 2008–09 season when he was just 15 years and 9 months old.

    • Explanation: This illustrates his early start in professional football, showcasing his talent and potential at a young age.
  • He played for Pescara for two seasons before making a significant move to PSG.

    • Explanation: Highlights his progression from Pescara to PSG, indicating a pivotal moment in his career.
  • Over the last two seasons, he has accumulated 56 appearances in Ligue 1 and secured the league title in both of those seasons.

    • Explanation: Demonstrates his consistent performance in Ligue 1 and his contribution to PSG’s league title victories.

Transfer Details:

  • Verratti’s current transfer value is estimated to be between €22.1 million and €36.8 million.

    • Explanation: Provides an estimate of his current market value, reflecting his worth in the football market.
  • His last transfer was from Pescara to PSG in 2012, with PSG paying Pescara €12 million for his services.

    • Explanation: Details his previous transfer from Pescara to PSG, highlighting the transfer fee involved in the move.


Marco Verratti Asset

Marco Verratti’s Profile:

  • Marco Verratti is an Italian professional football player.

    • Explanation: Introduces Verratti as a professional football player of Italian nationality.
  • His current transfer value is estimated to be between €23.3 million and €38.8 million.

    • Explanation: Indicates the range of his current market value in the football transfer market, reflecting his worth.

FIFA 23 Price:

  • In FIFA 23, Verratti’s price varies on different gaming platforms:
    • On the Xbox market, his price is 23,500 coins.
    • On PlayStation, his price is 0 coins (possibly indicating he may be untradeable or not listed on the market).
    • On PC, his price is 25,000 coins.
    • Explanation: Details his price in the popular FIFA 23 video game on different gaming platforms, reflecting his virtual value in the game.

Role with French Football Weekly:

  • Verratti serves as an asset to the French Football Weekly team.

    • Explanation: Highlights his involvement with French Football Weekly, indicating his contribution to the team.
  • His French roots and experience in football journalism make him an invaluable asset.

    • Explanation: Emphasizes the value he brings to the team due to his French heritage and experience in the field of football journalism.

Downloadable Assets:

  • Interested individuals can download Verratti’s assets on Behance.
    • Explanation: Provides information about where to access or download Verratti’s digital assets on Behance, which could include graphics, artwork, or other digital materials related to him.
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 Marco Verratti Ranking

Marco Verratti’s Profile:

  • Marco Verratti is a 29-year-old Italian footballer.

    • Explanation: Introduces Verratti, mentioning his age and nationality.
  • He plays for Paris Saint-Germain in France’s Ligue 1.

    • Explanation: Specifies the club and league where Verratti currently plays.
  • His FootballCritic ranking is 66 out of 99, categorized as “Competent-level” among football players.

    • Explanation: Describes his ranking on FootballCritic, indicating that he is considered competent compared to other players.
  • His average Infogol Player Rating for the 2022/23 season was 6.43.

    • Explanation: Provides his player rating for the specified season according to Infogol.

Player Rankings:

  • In FIFA 23, his rating is 87.

    • Explanation: Indicates Verratti’s rating in the FIFA 23 video game, reflecting his virtual skill level.
  • In FIFA 22, his rating is 87.

    • Explanation: Indicates Verratti’s rating in the FIFA 22 video game, again reflecting his virtual skill level.
  • In FC 24, his rating is 87.

    • Explanation: Mentions his rating in an unspecified source (possibly a fictional or hypothetical ranking system) where he is also rated 87.
  • In WhoScored, his rating is 6.09.

    • Explanation: Provides his rating on the WhoScored platform, which assesses player performance.

Player Attributes:

  • Verratti is a defensive midfielder known for his ability to break up play.

    • Explanation: Describes his playing position and specific skill set as a defensive midfielder.
  • He has a 4-star weak foot and 4-star skill moves.

    • Explanation: Highlights his abilities with both feet and his skill moves in the FIFA video game.

Disciplinary Record:

  • He has received 10 yellow cards and 1 red card.
    • Explanation: Indicates the number of disciplinary cards (yellow and red) he has received during his career, reflecting his playing style and behavior on the field.

Marco Verratti  Achievement and Awards

Here are the lists of Marco Verratti’s award-winnings and nominations:

Honours: Pescara

  • Serie B: 2011–12

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)

  • Ligue 1: 2012–13, 2013–14, 2014–15, 2015–16, 2017–18, 2018–19, 2019–20, 2021–22, 2022–23
  • Coupe de France: 2014–15, 2015–16, 2016–17, 2017–18, 2019–20, 2020–21
  • Coupe de la Ligue: 2013–14, 2014–15, 2015–16, 2016–17, 2017–18, 2019–20
  • Trophée des Champions: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022
  • UEFA Champions League runner-up: 2019–20


  • UEFA European Championship: 2020
  • UEFA Nations League third place: 2020–21, 2022–23


  • Bravo Award: 2012
  • Serie B Footballer of the Year: 2012
  • UEFA U-21 Championship Team of the Tournament: 2013
  • UNFP Ligue 1 Team of the Year: 2012–13, 2013–14, 2014–15, 2015–16, 2016–17, 2017–18, 2018–19
  • UNFP Ligue 1 Player of the Month: September 2013, February 2017
  • UNFP Ligue 1 Young Player of the Year: 2013–14
  • UNFP Ligue 1 Foreign Player of the Year: 2014–15
  • Pallone Azzurro: 2015


  • 5th Class / Knight: Cavaliere Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana: 2021

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