Who are Selma Blair Parents? Meet Elliot Beitner and Molly Ann Beitner


Who are Selma Blair’s Parents? Check this article to know who are Selma Blair’s Parents along with Selma Blair biography. Selma Blair is an American actress and author.

Who are Selma Blair’s Parents?

So who are Selma Blair’s Parents? According to our research, Selma Blair’s Parents are Elliot Beitner and Molly Ann Beitner. Selma Blair is an American actress and author born on 23 June 1972.

Real Name

Selma Blair

Date of birth

23 June 1972


51 Years old


5 feet 2 inches (160 cm)


52 kg (115 lbs)

Birth place

Southfield, Michigan, United States




American actress and author





Eye Colour


Hair Colour



University of Michigan

Zodiac Sign



Elliot Beitner And Molly Ann Beitner

Kids/Children Name

Arthur Saint Bleick


Ahmet Zappa (m. 2004–2006)






Who is Selma Blair?

Selma Blair, born on June 23, 1972, is an acclaimed American actress and author whose career has spanned both the silver screen and the literary world. She has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry with her talent and resilience.

In the realm of acting, Selma Blair made her mark with a diverse range of roles that showcased her versatility. She first gained prominence in the late ’90s with her memorable performances in films like “Cruel Intentions” and “Legally Blonde.” However, it was her role as Liz Sherman in Guillermo del Toro’s “Hellboy” series that solidified her status as a Hollywood star. Blair’s ability to seamlessly transition between comedy and drama roles has made her a sought-after actress in the industry.

Beyond her acting career, Selma Blair is also an author, demonstrating her creative talents in the world of literature. In 2016, she released her memoir, “The Long Hard Road Out of Hell,” where she candidly shared her personal struggles, including her battle with multiple sclerosis (MS), a diagnosis she made public in 2018. Her courage in facing this chronic illness head-on has not only inspired those in similar situations but also raised awareness about MS.

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Selma Blair Age

Selma Blair is a radiant 51 years old, having celebrated her birthday on June 23, 1972, in the vibrant city of Southfield, Michigan, in the United States. Her journey through life has been marked by numerous accomplishments in the world of entertainment, and her age is but a testament to the rich experiences and achievements she has amassed.

Throughout her five decades of life, Selma Blair has continued to captivate audiences with her talent and grace, proving that age is just a number when it comes to one’s passion and creativity. She remains an inspiring figure, not only for her remarkable acting career but also for her unwavering resilience in the face of personal challenges, including her battle with multiple sclerosis.

Selma Blair Height and Weight

Selma Blair, the talented American actress, stands at a height of 5 feet 2 inches, which is approximately 160 centimeters. Her petite stature is a characteristic feature that sets her apart in the entertainment industry, where taller figures often dominate. This height not only adds to her unique charm but also allows her to seamlessly adapt to a wide range of roles, making her a versatile actress.

In addition to her height, Selma Blair maintains a healthy weight of 52 kilograms, equivalent to 115 pounds. Her weight is well-proportioned to her stature, contributing to her overall physical well-being. It’s important to note that Selma Blair has been an advocate for body positivity and self-acceptance, encouraging individuals to embrace their unique physical attributes.

Physical Attributes



5 feet 2 inches (160 cm)


52 kg (115 lbs)

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Selma Blair Nationality

Selma Blair is an American actress and author, proudly carrying the nationality of the United States. Born on June 23, 1972, in Southfield, Michigan, she is a quintessential representative of American talent in the entertainment industry. Her American nationality reflects her deep roots in the country’s diverse culture and her contributions to its vibrant arts scene.

As an American actress, Selma Blair has carved a niche for herself through her versatile performances in film and television. She has embraced a wide range of roles, showcasing her acting prowess and versatility on the international stage. Her nationality is not just a legal status but also an integral part of her identity, influencing her career and personal journey.

Selma Blair’s American heritage is a source of pride for both her and her fans, as she continues to inspire and entertain audiences worldwide while staying true to her roots in the United States.

Selma Blair Career

  • Early Roles (1990s):

    • Blair commenced her career with minor roles in various television series.
    • Her first professional acting gig was in an episode of the popular children’s sitcom “The Adventures of Pete & Pete.”
  • 1999: Breakthrough with “Cruel Intentions”:

    • In 1999, Selma Blair made a significant breakthrough with her role in “Cruel Intentions,” alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillippe.
    • Her portrayal garnered critical acclaim and marked her as a rising star.
    • She earned an MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss for a memorable scene with Gellar.
  • Early 2000s: Comedy Success:

    • In 2001, she starred in the hit comedy “Legally Blonde,” where she played a memorable character, adding to her growing popularity.
    • Following this, she appeared in “The Sweetest Thing” in 2002, showcasing her comedic talents.
  • Mid-2000s: “Hellboy” Franchise:

    • Selma Blair’s career soared to new heights with her role as Liz Sherman in “Hellboy” (2004) and its sequel “Hellboy II: The Golden Army” (2008).
    • These films solidified her status as a prominent actress in Hollywood.
  • Recent Years: Notable Projects:

    • Selma Blair continued to make her mark with diverse roles, including portraying Kris Jenner in “The People vs. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story.”
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Selma Blair Achievement and Awards

Here is a list of Selma Blair’s award winnings and nominations:

Award Winnings:

  1. Young Hollywood Awards (2000) – Exciting New Face – Female
  2. MTV Movie Awards (2000) – Best Kiss for “Cruel Intentions” (Shared with Sarah Michelle Gellar)
  3. Operation Smile (2015) – Universal Smile Award
  4. Media Access Awards (2021) – Visionary Award for Life’s Work
  5. People’s Choice Award (2022) – The Competition Contestant of 2022 for “Dancing with the Stars”

Award Nominations:

  1. Teen Choice Awards (1999) – Choice TV: Breakout Star for “Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane”
  2. MTV Movie Awards (2000) – Breakthrough Female Performance for “Cruel Intentions”
  3. Teen Choice Awards (2002) – Choice Movie: Actress Comedy for “The Sweetest Thing”
  4. DVD Exclusive Awards (2003) – Best Actress for “Highway”
  5. Fangoria Chainsaw Awards (2005) – Best Supporting Actress for “Hellboy”
  6. Scream Awards (2008) – Best Actress – Fantasy Movie for “Hellboy II: The Golden Army”
  7. Grammy Award (2011) – Best Spoken Word Album for Children for “Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl: The Definitive Edition”
  8. 100 Women (BBC) (2022) – Actress

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