Who are Sergio Brown Parents? Meet Mario Brown And Myrtle Simmons-Brown


Who are Sergio Brown’s Parents? Check this article to know who are Sergio Brown’s Parents along with Sergio Brown biography. Sergio Brown is an American football safety.

Who are Sergio Brown’s Parents?

So who is Sergio Brown’s Parents? According to our research, Sergio Brown’s Parents are Mario Brown and Myrtle Simmons-Brown. Sergio Brown is an American football safety born on 22 May 1988.

Real Name

Sergio Brown

Date of birth

22 May 1988


35 years old


188 cm, 6 feet 2 inches


95 kg (209 lbs)

Birth Place

Maywood, Illinois, United States




American football safety







Who is the Sergio Brown?

Sergio Brown may not immediately spring to mind when discussing NFL legends, yet his professional football odyssey stands as a testament to unwavering dedication, remarkable versatility, and the indomitable spirit of an athlete. Born on May 22, 1988, in Maywood, Illinois, Brown’s football journey began its formative stages during his high school years. However, it was his tenacity and adaptability that ultimately etched the narrative of his NFL career.

Following a successful college football tenure at the University of Notre Dame, where he shone as both a safety and a special teams standout, Brown ventured into the NFL in 2010 as an undrafted free agent, inking a deal with the New England Patriots. Despite facing steep odds, he not only secured a place on the roster but did so through relentless effort and a willingness to embrace multifaceted roles.

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Throughout his NFL voyage, Sergio Brown garnered recognition for his field versatility. He showcased his prowess in various defensive backfield positions, serving as both a safety and a cornerback. Moreover, he excelled in the realm of special teams, where his relentless pursuit of opposing returners and willingness to go to great lengths made him an invaluable asset to his team.


Sergio Brown Age

As of now, Sergio Brown is 35 years old (May 22, 1988) Born in Maywood, Illinois, USA. Sergio Brown, a former NFL player renowned for his versatility and unwavering commitment on the gridiron, initiated his football odyssey during his high school days.

His collegiate career at the University of Notre Dame further solidified his reputation as a standout athlete. Despite entering the NFL undrafted, he inked a contract with the New England Patriots in 2010, embarking on a noteworthy career that spanned multiple NFL teams, including the Indianapolis Colts and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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Sergio Brown Height and Weight

Sergio Brown, the former NFL player celebrated for his adaptability and unwavering commitment to the gridiron, boasts a set of physical attributes that significantly contributed to his triumphs in professional football. 

Standing impressively at 188 centimeters, or 6 feet 2 inches in the imperial system, he casts a formidable presence on the field. This stature, notably above the NFL average, particularly in positions like the defensive backfield, affords him a distinct advantage when it comes to intercepting passes, defending against aerial assaults, and maintaining situational awareness throughout plays.

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Furthermore, complementing his height, Sergio Brown maintains a robust physique, tipping the scales at 95 kilograms, which equates to 209 pounds. This weight, expertly distributed across his well-conditioned body, furnishes him with the essential strength and physicality demanded by the multifaceted roles within the NFL. It empowers him to execute forceful tackles, evade would-be blockers, and stand resolute against opposing players in the midst of high-stakes game scenarios.




Equivalent (Approx.)


1.88 meters

6 feet 2 inches


95 kilograms

209 pounds

Sergio Brown Nationality

Sergio Brown holds American nationality, a pivotal factor that has profoundly influenced his identity and opened doors of opportunity within the realm of professional football.Being American, Brown was privileged with the chance to cultivate his love for football from a young age. 

The United States boasts an enduring passion for American football, creating an ideal environment for budding athletes like Brown to refine their abilities and reach for the pinnacle of performance. Growing up in a nation where football reigns as a cultural phenomenon, he enjoyed access to the essential resources, coaching, and sporting infrastructure that played an instrumental role in nurturing his innate talent.

Sergio Brown Career

  • Sergio Brown’s NFL journey is a captivating tale defined by adaptability, resilience, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence in football.
  • His path to the professional football scene was far from conventional, as he went undrafted but later signed as an undrafted free agent with the New England Patriots in 2010.
  • Brown’s defining quality was his remarkable ability to adapt to various roles within the NFL, setting him apart from others in the league.
  • Throughout his NFL career, Brown showcased exceptional versatility, seamlessly transitioning between positions in the defensive backfield.
  • His adaptability allowed him to excel both as a safety and a cornerback, contributing effectively to his teams, regardless of his on-field role.
  • Sergio Brown’s commitment to perfecting his craft was a hallmark of his career, enabling him to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of professional football.
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