Who are Shannon Frizell Parents? Meet Andrew Frizell


Who are Shannon Frizell’s Parents? Check this article to know who are Shannon Frizell’s Parents along with Shannon Frizell biography. Shannon Frizell is a New Zealand rugby union player.

Who are Shannon Frizell’s Parents?

So who are Shannon Frizell’s Parents? According to our research, Shannon Frizell’s Parent is Andrew Frizell. Shannon Frizell is a New Zealand rugby union player born on 11 February 1994.

Real Name Shannon Michael Frizell
Nick Name Shannon Frizell
Date of birth 11 February 1994
Age 29 years old
Height 195 cm, 6 feet 5 inches
Weight 108 kg (238 lbs)
Birth Place Tongatapu, Tonga
Gender Male
Profession New Zealand rugby union player 
Nationality New Zealand 
Parent Andrew Frizell
Instagram Link

Who is Shannon Frizell?

Shannon Frizell is a prominent figure in New Zealand’s dynamic rugby landscape, known for his powerful presence on the field and his rapid rise in the world of professional rugby. Born on 11 February 1994, in Suva, Fiji, Frizell’s journey to rugby stardom is a testament to his dedication, talent, and the rich rugby heritage of New Zealand.

Frizell’s early life saw him moving to New Zealand, where he pursued his passion for rugby. He honed his skills and made his mark in the provincial rugby scene before gaining recognition on the national stage. His formidable presence as a forward, capable of playing in the back row or at lock, has made him a versatile asset for his teams.

Shannon Frizell’s rise to prominence can be attributed to his remarkable performances for the Highlanders in Super Rugby and the Otago provincial team. His physicality, athleticism, and relentless work ethic have caught the attention of rugby enthusiasts worldwide. As a dynamic and emerging talent in New Zealand rugby, Frizell represents the future of the sport in the country and continues to inspire the next generation of players.

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Shannon Frizell Nationality 

Shannon Frizell proudly represents the nationality of New Zealand in the world of rugby. Although he was born in Suva, Fiji, on 11 February 1994, his rugby career has been intricately tied to the rugby-rich culture of New Zealand. His move to New Zealand at a young age laid the foundation for his association with the country’s rugby heritage.

Frizell’s journey from Fiji to New Zealand reflects the global nature of rugby and the sport’s power to unite individuals across borders. He embraced the values and traditions of New Zealand rugby and developed his talent within the country’s renowned rugby systems. As a symbol of New Zealand’s rugby excellence, he has proudly donned the black jersey, representing the All Blacks on the international stage.

Shannon Frizell Career

Shannon Frizell’s rugby career is a remarkable tale of a versatile forward’s ascent to prominence in the sport. Born in Suva, Fiji, on 11 February 1994, he relocated to New Zealand, where he began his journey toward becoming a rugby sensation.

Frizell’s career trajectory showcases his versatility, as he can effectively play in the back row or as a lock. He made significant strides in the world of rugby, especially with his performances for the Highlanders in Super Rugby and the Otago provincial team. His dynamic and powerful style of play, combined with his agility and physicality, makes him a challenging opponent for any team.

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His rise to prominence on the international stage, wearing the revered black jersey of the All Blacks, signifies the pinnacle of his rugby journey. Shannon Frizell’s career is an inspirational story of dedication, hard work, and an unwavering commitment to rugby excellence, setting a high standard for the next generation of rugby players in New Zealand. His influence extends beyond the field, as he serves as a beacon of hope for aspiring rugby talents who aim to follow in his footsteps.

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