Who Killed Craig? Is Craig Dead in Emmerdale?


Uncover the mystery about Craig Reed in Emmerdale and find out if Craig is truly dead in this gripping storyline.

Who is Craig in Emmerdale?

In Emmerdale, Craig Reed was an old friend of Lydia Dingle, who was previously known as Jenny Finn. They knew each other from their time in a children’s home. Lydia was revealed to have had a stillborn son named Toby Finn, and Craig was the father. In August 2023, Craig and Lydia reconnected after 33 years at a jobs fair. Lydia informed Craig about their son Toby, leading to an emotional reunion.

However, the story takes a dark turn as Craig believes they are meant to be together and forces himself upon Lydia. This complex relationship became a central part of the Emmerdale storyline, adding drama and intrigue to the show. After reconnecting with Lydia Dingle and attempting to rekindle their complicated relationship, Craig met a shocking end.

His lifeless body was discovered in a field, sparking a murder mystery that left viewers and the characters in Emmerdale in shock. The circumstances surrounding his death and the subsequent investigation into who killed him have become a central storyline in the show, adding suspense and intrigue to the ongoing drama in the fictional village.

Who Killed Craig? 

In Emmerdale, the Dingle family is in turmoil as they try to uncover who killed rapist Craig Reed. Lydia, the victim of Craig’s assault, gathers her family at the Woolpack pub to interrogate them about the murder. They all learn about Craig’s lifeless body, and everyone is shocked. Lydia firmly believes that one of her loved ones is responsible for his death. Throughout the week, the truth unravels through a series of flashbacks, shedding light on the events leading to Craig’s demise.

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The suspects include Cain Dingle, who lured Sam into seeking revenge on Craig, and Belle Dingle, whose alibi doesn’t seem to add up. Aaron Dingle is also under scrutiny due to his anger and readiness for a fight, while Charity Dingle and Caleb Milligan both seem to hide something. Mandy and Marlon Dingle are not excluded either. As the mystery deepens, it remains to be seen who truly killed Craig Reed.

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Is Craig Dead In Emmerdale?

Yes, in Emmerdale, Craig Reed is dead. The character met a tragic end in a recent episode, leading to a gripping murder mystery in the show. Craig Reed’s lifeless body was discovered in a field, and the circumstances surrounding his death have left both the characters and viewers in shock.

This unexpected turn of events has sparked a wave of speculation and intrigue as fans eagerly await answers to the pressing question: Who killed Craig Reed? The murder has sent shockwaves through the fictional village of Emmerdale and has become a central storyline in the series.


Emmerdale, originally called Emmerdale Farm until 1989, is a British TV soap opera shown on ITV. It’s set in a fictional village named Emmerdale (formerly known as Beckindale until 1994) in the Yorkshire Dales. The show was created by Kevin Laffan and first aired on October 16, 1972. The indoor scenes have always been filmed at Leeds Studios, while outdoor scenes were initially shot in a place called Arncliffe in Littondale.

The show may have gotten its name from “Amerdale,” an old name for Littondale. Later, they filmed outdoor scenes in Esholt, and now they have a purpose-built set on the Harewood estate. Originally, the show aired in the afternoon and was planned as a three-month series. However, it became more popular and continued airing during the day until 1978 when it moved to early evening prime time.

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In the late 1980s, a new production team made changes like the name and more dramatic stories, making Emmerdale a major British soap opera. It started broadcasting in high definition in 2011 and won the Best British Soap award in 2016. From January 2019, “classic episodes” of Emmerdale have been shown twice daily on ITV3.

Emmerdale Cast

Actor Name

Character Name

Chris Chittell

Eric Pollard

Claire King

Kim Tate

Isabel Hodgins

Victoria Sugden

Steve Halliwell

Zak Dingle

James Hooton

Sam Dingle

Lisa Riley

Mandy Dingle

Mark Charnock

Marlon Dingle

Dominic Brunt

Paddy Kirk

Samantha Giles

Bernice Blackstock

Eden Taylor-Draper

Belle Dingle

Emma Atkins

Charity Dingle

Jeff Hordley

Cain Dingle

Tony Audenshaw

Bob Hope

Patrick Mower

Rodney Blackstock

Nicola Wheeler

Nicola King

Zoe Henry

Rhona Goskirk

Rosie Bentham

Gabby Thomas

Charlotte Bellamy

Laurel Thomas

Lucy Pargeter

Chastity “Chas” Dingle

Danny Miller

Aaron Dingle

Nick Miles

Jimmy King

Jack Downham

Noah Dingle

James Chase

Thomas “Tom” King

Katie Hill

Sarah Sugden

Sam Hall

Samson Dingle

Matthew Wolfenden

David Metcalfe

Gabrielle Dowling

Cathy Hope

Sebastian Dowling

Heath Hope

Alfie Clarke

Arthur Thomas

Lesley Dunlop

Brenda Walker

Roxy Shahidi

Leyla Cavanagh

Natalie J. Robb

Moira Dingle

Ash Palmisciano

Matty Barton

Rebecca Bakes

Angelica King

Chris Bisson

Jai Sharma

Joe-Warren Plant

Jacob Gallagher

Natalie Ann Jamieson

Amy Wyatt

Daisy Campbell

Amelia Spencer

Luca Hoyle

Elliot Windsor

Harvey Rogerson

Leo Goskirk

Huey Quinn

Kyle Winchester

Kai Assi

Archie Breckle

Laura Norton

Kerry Wyatt

Michelle Hardwick

Vanessa Woodfield

Jonny McPherson

Dr Liam Cavanagh

Amelia Flanagan

April Windsor

Amy Walsh

Tracy Metcalfe

Charlie Munro Joyce

Carl Holliday

Arthur Cockroft

Moses Dingle

Jack Jennings

Johnny Woodfield

Tilly-Rue Foster

Dotty Thomas

Karen Blick

Lydia Dingle

Bobby Dunsmoir

Isaac Dingle

Olivia Bromley

Dawn Fletcher

James Moore

Ryan Stocks

Rebecca Sarker

Dr Manpreet Sharma

Jay Kontzle

Billy Fletcher

Bradley Johnson

Vinnie Dingle

Joshua Richards

Bear Wolf

Rachael Gill-Davis

Gail Loman

Dean Andrews

Will Taylor

Jurell Carter

Nate Robinson

Noah Ryan Aspinall

Lucas Taylor

Susan Cookson

Wendy Posner

Bella James

Eve Dingle

Beau Newton

Theo Metcalfe

Lawrence Robb

Mackenzie Boyd

Kevin Mathurin

Charles Anderson

Emile John

Ethan Anderson

Jessie Elland

Chloe Harris

Louise Jameson

Mary Goskirk

Martelle Edinborough

Suzy Merton

Lewis Cope

Nicky Milligan

William Ash

Caleb Milligan

Flo Wilson

Claudette Anderson

Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana

Suni Sharma

Kyle Rowe

Corey Sanderson

Robert Beck


Ben Addis

Craig Reed

Martha Cope


Anil Goutam

Amit Sharma

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Where to Watch Emmerdale?

Emmerdale, a popular soap series featuring notable actors such as Chris Chittell, Sheila Mercier, and Andrew Burt, can be easily accessed for viewing on various streaming platforms. Interested viewers have the option to watch this engaging show on The Roku Channel, Tubi, FilmRise, Drama Movies & TV by Fawesome, FilmRise Comedy, and Vudu, all through their Roku devices. It is also available on Amazon Prime Video.

This widespread availability ensures that fans of Emmerdale can enjoy the series conveniently, providing them with the flexibility to tune in at their preferred time and place. Whether it’s catching up on past episodes or staying up-to-date with the latest drama, these streaming options offer a versatile way to watch Emmerdale.

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