Who Plays the Uber Driver in Old Dads? Know Here


The Uber driver in “Old Dads” is portrayed by the legendary actor Bruce Dern. His cameo adds Hollywood prestige to the film as he plays a pivotal role in the storyline, driving the plot towards a crucial moment of reconciliation and personal growth.

Old Dads

“Old Dads” is a 2023 American comedy film, marking Bill Burr’s directorial debut. Burr also co-wrote and produced the film alongside Ben Tishler. The movie features a cast led by Bill Burr, along with Bobby Cannavale and Bokeem Woodbine. The story revolves around three men who, after selling their business, find themselves struggling to adapt to the rapidly changing modern world.

“Old Dads” made its debut on Netflix on October 20, 2023, and it’s a humorous take on how these older characters navigate the challenges of contemporary life. The film is a product of collaborative efforts, featuring cinematography by Sean McElwee, music by Christopher Willis, and contributions from various production companies, including Miramax, All Things Comedy, and All of Us Productions.

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Who Plays the Uber Driver in Old Dads?

The Uber driver in “Old Dads” is played by the legendary actor Bruce Dern. Bruce Dern has been a prominent figure in Hollywood for many years, with a career that spans several decades. He gained recognition during the New Hollywood era of the 1970s and has been a part of various acclaimed films, such as Silent Running,

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The Great Gatsby, and “The Driver.” He received Academy Award nominations for his performances, including a nomination for Best Supporting Actor for “Coming Home” in 1978 and another for Best Actor for “Nebraska.” Dern’s cameo as the Uber driver is significant in the film, as it plays a pivotal role in the storyline, helping to drive the plot toward a crucial moment of reconciliation and personal growth for the main character, Jack Kelly.

Bruce Dern’s appearance as the Uber driver adds a touch of Hollywood prestige to “Old Dads,” emphasizing the importance of his character’s role in the narrative. It’s a notable cameo by a veteran actor who brings his talent and experience to a small but crucial part in the film.

Old Dads Plot

Jack Kelly, Connor Brody, and Mike Richards, who have been friends and coworkers for many years and are now in their 50s, are struggling to adapt to the modern world and its changing social norms. They find it challenging to pass on their traditional values to their families, as they don’t always align with the expectations of their loved ones. When they decide to sell their company, Trifecta, to a group of younger, more tech-savvy millennials, they are surprised to be the only employees over 35 who are kept on board.

The company itself goes through a transformation by embracing gender and environmental equality. Jack faces embarrassment when his son Nate’s school reprimands him, leading his wife Leah to demand better behavior for the sake of their son’s future. Meanwhile, Mike, a divorced father, receives unexpected news when his girlfriend Britney reveals her pregnancy, despite his previous vasectomy.

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The trio, accompanied by a millennial colleague, embarks on a mission to persuade a man living off the grid to represent their company, but they encounter unforeseen challenges. Their journey takes a twist when a hidden camera captures their inappropriate conduct, resulting in their unemployment. In the midst of personal challenges and strained relationships, the three friends seek to mend their ways, ultimately finding resolution and personal growth.

Old Dads Cast



Bill Burr

Jack Kelly

Bobby Cannavale

Connor Brody

Bokeem Woodbine

Mike Richards

Katie Aselton

Leah Kelly

Reign Edwards


Jackie Tohn

Cara Brody

Miles Robbins

Aspen Bell

Rachael Harris

Dr. Lois Schmieckel-Turner

Dash McCloud

Nate Kelly

Justin Miles

Travis Romine

C. Thomas Howell

Ed Cameron

Bruce Dern

Richie Jacobs

Dominic Grey Gonzalez

Colin Brody

Old Dads Trailer

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