Who Went Home on The Amazing Race Season 35 Tonight?


In the latest episode of The Amazing Race Season 35, engaged couple Joe and Ian were eliminated in India, while Steve and Anna Leigh secured the first-place finish.

Who Went Home on The Amazing Race Season 35 Tonight?

In the latest episode of The Amazing Race Season 35, the engaged couple Joe and Ian had to say goodbye and go home. They were having a tough journey throughout the race, with moments of doing well and falling behind. But when they reached India, things took a turn for the worse. They struggled with a challenge that required them to recreate a painting in portrait mode. This made them compete closely with another team, Morgan and Lena, in a rickshaw race, and they lost by just a few seconds, leading to their elimination.

On a brighter note, the first-place finish went to the father-daughter team of Steve and Anna Leigh Wilson. They had missed out on the top spot in the previous week but managed to secure it this time. The race continues to be full of surprises and challenges, keeping the viewers excited for what will happen next.

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Who Was Eliminated From Amazing Race Season 35?

The engaged couple, Joe and Ian, were eliminated from the competition. They had a journey filled with ups and downs, where sometimes they did well, and other times they faced difficulties. But when they arrived in India, they encountered a tough challenge.

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This challenge required them to recreate a painting in portrait mode, and they struggled with the details. This put them in a tight race for last place, and they lost to another team, Morgan and Lena, by just a few seconds. As a result, Joe and Ian had to leave the race.

Meanwhile, the father-daughter team of Steve and Anna Leigh Wilson clinched the first-place finish in this leg of the race. They had been aiming for the top spot after missing it in the previous week. The Amazing Race Season 35 continues to surprise and challenge the contestants, making each episode full of excitement and anticipation for the viewers.

The Amazing Race 35 Overview

“The Amazing Race 35” is an exciting TV competition where thirteen teams of two people each travel around the world to win a big prize of $1,000,000. The show is hosted by Phil Keoghan. In this season, the teams started their adventure in Los Angeles and journeyed through many countries, including Thailand, Vietnam, India, Germany, Slovenia, Sweden, Ireland, and finally, Washington.

It’s a race full of challenges, adventures, and surprises, and the teams must work together to overcome obstacles and be the first to reach each destination. This season is special because it features 90-minute-long episodes, giving viewers even more action and drama to enjoy. Elements like commercial flights, the Express Pass, and the U-Turn are back in play, making the race more competitive and thrilling. The show aired on Wednesday nights in the fall of 2023, starting on September 27th, 2023, on CBS.

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The teams in “The Amazing Race 35” come from various backgrounds and relationships, including siblings, friends, married couples, and more. They face unique challenges in each location they visit, testing their physical and mental abilities. Some teams get eliminated as they struggle to complete tasks, while others continue their journey, hoping to win the grand prize. The race not only takes them around the world but also brings out their determination, teamwork, and perseverance as they race to the finish line.

The Amazing Race 35 Cast




Alexandra Lichtor


Chicago, Illinois

Sheridan Lichtor


Andrea Simpson


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Malaina Hatcher


Todd Martin


Chino, California

Ashlie Martin


Elizabeth Rivera


Tampa, Florida

Iliana Rivera


Greg Franklin


New York City, New York

John Franklin


Mountain View, California

Jocelyn Chao


Albuquerque, New Mexico

Victor Limary


Joe Moskowitz


New York City, New York

Ian Todd


Joel Strasser


Kuna, Idaho

Garrett Smith


Meridian, Idaho

Liam Hykel


Cheyenne, Wyoming

Yeremi Hykel


San Marcos, Texas

Morgan Franklin


Brooklyn, New York

Lena Franklin


Los Angeles, California

Rob McArthur


Riverside, California

Corey McArthur


New York City, New York

Robbin Tomich


Kirkland, Washington

Chelsea Day


Shoreline, Washington

Steve Cargile


Petty, Texas

Anna Leigh Wilson


Royse City, Texas

Where to Watch The Amazing Race 35?

You can watch “The Amazing Race 35” on CBS, the same channel where it has been airing for many seasons. The show usually airs on Wednesdays at 9:30/8:30c, but it’s a good idea to check your local TV listings for the exact time. If you happen to miss an episode on TV, you can catch up on the show by using the CBS streaming service called Paramount+.

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They usually make the episodes available there for streaming shortly after they air on TV. So, if you have Paramount+, you can watch the race on your computer, tablet, or even your smartphone at your convenience. In summary, you can watch “The Amazing Race 35” on CBS when it airs on TV, and if you miss any episodes, you can use the Paramount+ streaming service to catch up and enjoy all the exciting adventures of the race.

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