Winter House Season 3 Are Samantha Feher and Kory Keefer Still Together?


Are Samantha Feher and Kory Keefer still together from Summer House? Discover the latest update on the relationship status of Samantha Feher and Kory Keefer from Summer House.

Summer House

The popular American reality television series, Summer House, has captivated audiences since its premiere on Bravo on January 9, 2017. The show’s immense success has led to the creation of two spin-offs: Winter House and Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard, expanding the franchise and keeping fans entertained.

The highly anticipated seventh season of Summer House premiered on February 13, 2023, bringing back familiar faces such as Kyle Cooke, Lindsay Hubbard, Carl Radke, Amanda Batula, Danielle Olivera, Paige DeSorbo, Ciara Miller, and Mya Allen.

Joining the returning cast members are new additions Samantha Feher, Chris Leoni, and Gabby Prescod. Additionally, Andrea Denver returns in a friend capacity, accompanied by Winter House cast member Kory Keefer. While Luke Gulbranson and Alex Wach did not return as regular cast members, Gulbranson made a guest appearance on the show.

The charismatic Craig Conover from Southern Charm also graced Summer House with his presence, making guest appearances that delighted fans. Amidst the ongoing buzz on social media, the romantic relationship between Samantha Feher and Kory Keefer has become a highly talked-about topic. Fans eagerly follow their journey, intrigued by the unfolding love story between the two cast members.

Are Samantha Feher and Kory Keefer Still Together?

Yes, Samantha Feher and Kory Keefer are still together from Summer House.  Kyle Cooke, the beloved patriarch of the Summer House cast, recently took to social media to express his genuine feelings about the blossoming romance between Samantha Feher and Kory Keefer, a fellow member of the Winter House cast. In a heartwarming Instagram post, Kyle shared a series of photos featuring himself and Samantha, highlighting their striking resemblance (despite not being related) and their shared love for LoverBoy, the signature beverage of the Summer House crew.

In the caption, Kyle revealed his heartfelt sentiments towards Sam and Kory, saying, “Love this pic of me and my daughter. Actually, just wanted to say congrats to Sam and her man Kory! Love you guys.” His words exuded warmth and genuine happiness for the new couple, showcasing his support and affection for their relationship. Samantha, appreciating Kyle’s endearing post, replied with a sweet comment, “Getting [you] a Best Dad Ever mug for [your] 41st birthday.” This playful banter between the two highlighted their close bond, further solidifying their special connection as friends.

Amanda Batula, another beloved member of the Summer House cast, joined in the conversation by reminiscing about a past memory. She suggested finding a photo of Kyle and Samantha, where they resembled a professional Swedish ice skating duo. Her comment brought a light-hearted and nostalgic touch to the conversation, adding to the joyous atmosphere.

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Meanwhile, Kory humorously wondered why he wasn’t featured in any of the photos, playfully commenting, “Guessing the pic of me is [on the way].” In response, Kyle teased Kory by saying, “Don’t hold your breath.” Their friendly banter showcased the camaraderie between the two, further highlighting their playful dynamic.

Just recently, Samantha confirmed her relationship with Kory in an interview with Page Six, expressing her joy and excitement. She described their bond as unexpected, sexy, and easy, emphasizing the special connection they share. Samantha expressed her gratitude for finding someone who means so much to her, allowing her to experience the joy of love once again.

Looking ahead to Season 7 of Summer House, Samantha expressed her anticipation for viewers to witness their love story unfold on screen. She described it as a “really fun” experience and expressed her excitement about sharing their journey with the audience. Kory also hinted at the exciting developments to come, writing in an Instagram post, “Show the haters how it’s done by hating yourself most. Ps summer is [about] to get exciting.”

Additionally, Samantha and Kory have received the seal of approval from another beloved Summer House couple, Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover. The four of them share a deep connection and find immense joy in each other’s company. Samantha described their bond as being obsessed with one another, creating a positive and vibrant dynamic within their close-knit group.

This heartwarming story showcases the genuine affection and support within the Summer House cast, as they celebrate the love and happiness found between Samantha and Kory. Their playful interactions and genuine happiness for one another create a heartwarming atmosphere, ensuring that viewers will eagerly anticipate the upcoming season and cheer for this lovable couple.

Samantha Feher and Kory Keefer Relationship

In a delightful interview with Page Six on April 4, Samantha Feher couldn’t contain her excitement as she gushed about her newfound love, Kory Keefer. The Summer House star expressed her disbelief at having a boyfriend after such a long time, exclaiming, “That is so weird. I haven’t had a boyfriend in so long!”

Sam revealed that she and Kory had recently made their relationship official, and fans of the reality show can look forward to witnessing their romance unfold on screen. The 25-year-old expressed her enthusiasm about sharing their love story with the audience, saying, “It’ll be really fun to watch our love story play out a little bit. It’s very special to find someone who means so much to you and then get to relive that experience all the time.”

Although Sam didn’t disclose the exact timing of their relationship, she did mention that she and Kory were already together when he and Craig Conover appeared on Watch What Happens Live in November 2022. Sam fondly recalled that moment, sharing a funny insider detail, “Kory and I were dating, but I hadn’t even been announced as cast yet on Summer House, so I’m sitting in the audience all quiet like no one knows who I am.”

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It appears that Sam has seamlessly integrated herself into Kory’s close-knit circle of friends, particularly bonding with Craig and his girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo, who began dating in September 2021. Both couples navigate the challenges of long-distance relationships, with Sam and Paige residing in New York City while the boys are based in Charleston, SC.

Sam revealed Kory’s desire to live in New York City, expressing that they aren’t quite there yet, but he is unwavering in his aspiration. She shared their harmonious dynamics, saying, “We are just all so easy. We get along so well. It’s nice that the boys have their own relationship, and then Paige and I have our own relationship separately from our relationships with them.”

With their genuine connection and shared experiences, it’s evident that Samantha and Kory’s relationship is filled with love, laughter, and a sense of adventure. Fans of Summer House can eagerly anticipate witnessing their heartwarming journey unfold, cheering them on as they navigate the ups and downs of love together.

Who is Samantha Feher?

Samantha Feher, an Instagram star and influencer, was born on June 5, 1997, in Chatham, New Jersey. Growing up in New Jersey, Samantha later moved to New York City to pursue her dreams. She attended Elon University in North Carolina, where she studied journalism. Samantha also obtained an Entrepreneurship Essentials certificate from Harvard Business School, showcasing her dedication to learning and expanding her skillset.

Throughout her career, Samantha has held various roles, including social media manager, journalist, and brand strategist. Her work has been featured in reputable publications such as Cosmopolitan, New York Post, Travel + Leisure, Departures, and Cynthia Rowley. In 2019, Samantha embarked on a new venture and founded her own online boutique, Supper Club. Currently, she serves as the CEO of Feher Agency, her creative marketing firm, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and leadership skills.

Samantha’s influence extends beyond the business world into the realm of fashion. With her impeccable sense of style and captivating posts, she has amassed an Instagram following of over 80,000. Her fashion expertise has also led her to write about fashion for Blasé Magazine, further establishing her authority in the industry. In addition to her impressive career achievements, Samantha made her mark on the small screen by appearing on the Bravo show Summer House in 2023, where she gained further recognition and connected with a wider audience.

Before her rise to fame, Samantha graduated from Chatham High School in her hometown of Chatham, New Jersey. Her passion for journalism led her to pursue a degree in the field at Elon University, where she honed her skills and developed a strong foundation for her future endeavors. Furthermore, Samantha’s commitment to raising awareness about bullying led her to host Reality Dance, an anti-bullying dance show, showcasing her dedication to making a positive impact in the world.

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With her multifaceted talents, entrepreneurial spirit, and passion for fashion, Samantha Feher has solidified herself as a prominent figure in the realms of social media, business, and entertainment. Her ongoing accomplishments and endeavors continue to inspire and captivate her ever-growing fan base.

Who is Kory Keefer?

Kory Keefer is an exciting addition to the cast of Winter House Season 2, which is set to premiere this Thursday. Known as Craig Conover’s college friend, Kory joins the show alongside other reality TV stars from Summer House and Southern Charm, as well as some friends, for a thrilling two-week vacation in Vermont. Kory and Craig share a close bond that dates back to their college days. They attended the College of Charleston together and were even part of the same fraternity, Kappa Sigma.

Their friendship is described as inseparable, with Craig mentioning in his book, Pillow Talk, that they are essentially the same person in different bodies. When Craig was selected to be on Southern Charm, he assumed Kory would join him on the show. However, Kory didn’t make the cut, leading to a temporary fallout between the friends. Fortunately, they managed to reconnect just before their Winter House adventure, setting the stage for a fresh start.

With Kory’s arrival, the dynamics within the group are bound to change. As a single man ready to have some fun, Kory brings an element of excitement and potential drama to the show. In the trailer, he confidently declares his intention to pursue all the women in Winter House, showcasing his flirtatious nature and magnetic personality. Notably, he shares flirty moments with fellow newcomer Jessica Stocker and others, promising an eventful season.

Kyle Cook, a cast member familiar with both Kory and Craig, expresses concern about Kory’s presence, believing it may lead to trouble. Kyle has always admired Craig but noticed a shift in his reputation after meeting Paige. Now, with Kory entering the picture, tensions may arise and dynamics could be further tested.

Described as an “adrenaline junkie at heart and gym owner by trade” in his Bravo bio, Kory brings a vibrant energy to the show. He joins Winter House with the intention of meeting new women and enjoying the company of his friend Craig. Viewers can expect Kory to add a thrilling and unpredictable element to the Winter House experience, leaving them eager to see how his journey unfolds.

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